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  • September 28, 2011

World café – European Voluntary Service

The Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Center in partnership with Pro Vobis – National Resource Centre for Volunteering, invites you to participate on the 2nd of October 2011 in an event with and about international volunteers. The event will take place at Hotel Melody Central (Piata Unirii no. 29) in Cluj, the Casino hall between 14.00-16.00.

The event is focused on young people (16-30 years old) who are interested in international volunteering opportunities and at the same time on local organizations wishing to participate in international programs as sending or hosting organization.

“World Cafe” is a creative method that stimulates a meaningful and collaborative dialogue, focusing participants around issues that they consider important. The method is guided by the idea that “If you can change opinions, you can change the future!”

The idea of our event is to find and discuss different perspectives on volunteering in a direct and interactive manner with those directly involved in running international projects in our community: European volunteers and their host organizations. We hope that by the end of the event we will be able to paint a complete picture of the European Voluntary Service so that this opportunity offered by the European Commision through the Youth in Action Program will be used by those interested.

Please confirm your presence at the event until 30 September 2011 at: e-mail programecvcn@voluntariat.ro, tel. +40 264 431 411, mobile +40 742 916 446, contact person: Alex Ursa.

The event is part of “VOLARE – VOLuntari Activi in Romania si Europa” project, implemented by Pro Vobis – National Resource Centre for Volunteering in the period April – December 2011 in partnership with Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Centre and ART Fusion Association, with the financial support of the European Commission through the Youth in Action Programme.