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  • September 9, 2013

The “3G! Go.Give.Gain” project is starting

Starting with september 2013, the Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Center is going to host 4 international volunteers involved in the “3G! Go.Give.Gain” project.

The volunteers come from four different countries: Lisa Kostner ( Austria), Hannah Dando (England), Julio Del Pino (Spain) and Viviane Clemens (Germany).The volunteers will conduct a one year long volunteering stage, during which they will organize activities in 5 wards of the Children’s Emergency Hospital in Cluj.

The goal of the project is to create a background that will facilitate the personal and professional development of the four volunteers involved, by their participation in the clinic animation activities (this being the first part of the program).

In the second part, the volunteers will have the possibility of developing, in parallel with the hospital activites, personal projects that will result in two public events for promoting volunteering in the local community. Both events will be included in the National Volunteer Week (12.03.2014-18.03.2014)

The project “3G! Go.Give.Gain” is funded by the European Commission through the program Youth in Action, managed in Romania by ANPCDEFP.