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  • October 10, 2011

Living Library

Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Centre invites you on Thursday, October 13 between 15.00-20.00 in Iulius Mall (ground floor) for the second edition of “Living Library” in Cluj-Napoca!

What is the Living Library?
Living Library is a method of non-formal education, which aims to draw attention to the recognition and acceptance of human diversity.

Living Library works like a normal library – readers (ordinary people, passers) come and borrow “books” for a limited period of time (30 minutes). After reading the “books” they return them to the library and can borrow a new “book”. There are two important aspects: the books are human beings and “reading” the book implies actually a personal dialogue.

By using the living library method we aim to promote the respect for human rights and human dignity, to draw attention on diversity in all its forms and to stimulate the dialogue between people.

The theme of this year’s edition if Living Library is volunteers and volunteering. So if you have any prejudices or stereotypes about certain categories of volunteers we will be glad to welcome you to this event!

The books that will be present are: elderly volunteer, young volunteer, volunteer with physical disability, volunteer working on construction sites, volunteer working with people in hospice care, volunteers from Western and Eastern Europe, volunteer working with persons suffering from contagious diseases, Roma volunteer , volunteer public person and volunteer working in countries from the third world.

For more details please contact us at +40 742 916 446 or programecvcn@voluntariat.ro, contact person: Alex Ursa.

This event is part of the “VOLARE – VOLuntari Activi in Romania si Europa” project financed by the  European Commission through the Youth in Action Programme.