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  • February 18, 2015

“Give and Gain through Service Learning and Volunteering”, Latvia

We are pleased to inform that three representatives of our organization (Anca Mihesan, Alex Iloie and Maria Mosincat) will participate in the training course “Give and Gain through Service Learning and Volunteering” (GGTSLV), which will be held in Latvia (Ozolnieki, Ozolnieki Municipality), 22.02.2015. – 02.03.2015. The 9-day (including travelling days) international training course GGTSLV aims at enabling facilitators, trainers and activity leaders in international youth work and in Erasmus+ projects to design, facilitate, debrief and reflect on Service learning projects and group dynamics of high impact in communities through volunteering activities.

The training will bring together 24 participants from 7 European countries. The training team is composed by 2 experienced trainers in using non-formal education, Service Learning and volunteering activity management working and preparing youth workers in this field.

Training will provide the participants with the opportunity to acquire and exercise new tools and competences in Service learning method and volunteering activities (to identify best practices, and to undergo a coached self-assessment as a facilitator of youngsters, resulting in a development and action plan for the professional and personal future. The training comprises of intellectual, emotional and mainly practical/exercising elements. A big emphasis is put on the possibility to give and receive structured feedback from/to each other.

The project objectives are as follows: to train youth workers in designing and implementing Service Learning projects; to develop competences and abilities in communication, project management, team building; to use and improve non-formal education methods; to raise awareness of local community problems and the connection to formal education systems in Europe; to set the background for future cooperation among partners in the field of Service-Learning in Europe; to encourage all partners and provide them with the support and advice in developing trainings in the field of Service Learning in their local community (dissemination function); to promote the Erasmus+ and its opportunities.

It is hoped that the fine-tuned skills and awareness of the participants for instance for group dynamics, method vs content vs setting dynamics, learning styles etc., will enable and encourage the participants to add a strong perspective of innovation, inclusion and participation to their future activities, and also to raise their employability.

Place: Ozolnieki, Ozolnieki Municipality, Latvia
Date of Training Course: 22.02.2015. – 02.03.2015.
Organised by Brivpratigais.lv, www.brivpratigais.lv