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  • July 22, 2014

CNVC signs today the petition for 22nd of July, European Day for Victims of Hate Crime

Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Center (CNVC) invites you to join the efforts of fighting against public or individual hate speech. The official website of the European Council’s campaign www.hohatespeechmovement.org creates the context in which you can report any type of online hate speech. Also you can sign the petition to declare 22nd of July as the European Day for Victims of Hate Crime.

CNVC’s efforts in this direction are carried out within the project “Volunteer Management from A to Z”, which main aim is the capacity development of 16 non-governmental organizations from Romania through building an efficient volunteer involvement in the current activities of the organization and also in the No Hate Speech Movement initiated by the European Council.

The 16 non-governmental organizations that take part in the project as beneficiaries, will join the No Hate Speech campaign, by organizing one public event with this theme, in their local communities.
The public events will take part during February 2015 and they will be organized with the help of the local volunteers (about 160 volunteers). In this manner the involved organizations will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge learned regarding the volunteer management and they will bring a contribution to the “No Hate Speech Movement”.

The first major phase of the project took place during 14-19 July 2014 and it involved a training course about the theoretical and practical aspects of the volunteer management process. The training course was held by trainers from Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Center and the partner organizations, Pro Vobis Romania and IOGT Tippetue, Norway.

Besides the specific themes regarding the volunteer management process ( preparing the organization for the volunteer involvement, recruitment, selection, orientation and training, supervision, monitoring, motivation, acknowledging the merits and volunteer evaluation), the training course was an important opportunity to familiarize the 16 selected organizations with the No Hate Speech campaign, the history and a description of the principles of the movement was offered, also some practical aspects regarding the campaign and information about the online resources.
With this occasion, the participants already came up with some ideas about their future No Hate Speech public events that will be implemented next year, taking in consideration their target-groups (substance abuse addicts, patients, prisoners, minority groups, rural communities etc).

In the following months, we will continue to collaborate with the 16 selected organizations, support them to develop their organizational capacity of working with the volunteers and to prove this ability within the “No Hate Speech from A to Z” which is going to include 16 public events.
The “Volunteer management from A to Z” project is taking place from April 2014 until march 2015 and it is financed through SEE Grants 2009-2014 , by NGO Fund in Romania (www.fondong.fdsc.ro) with a total amount of 34 942 euro. Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Center’s partners within the project are Pro Vobis – Centrul National de Resurse pentru Voluntariat and IOGT Tippetue Norway.



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