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  • May 8, 2014

Open call for nongovernmental organizations interested in increasing the quality of volunteer work

Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Center (CNVC) and his project partners, announces the launching of the application to participate to the “Volunteer Management from A to Z” project.

The aim of the project is to increase the quality of volunteer work within 16 nongovernmental organizations in Romania through training activities, consultancy, job shadowing and organizing local actions.

We are looking for organizations who have the following characteristics:
– they are interested in increasing the quality of their work with the volunteers
– they want to develop innovative methods of volunteer promoting into their local community
– they are available to participate to all the activities of the project
– they had or they still have some difficulties in volunteer coordination
– they are interested in fighting against all types of discrimination
– they are a legal entity in Romania

Period of collaboration – 11 months (June 2014 – March 2015)

Conditions of participation for the applicants :

– having someone fully responsible for the project (preferably someone with a role of volunteer coordination) who is going to be involved in each step of the project
– active participation throughout the entire period of the “Volunteer Management from A to Z” training course, in the period 14-19 July 2014 (working days 15-18 July)
– co-finance with 50% of the participant’s transport to the training course location, in Cluj (the rest of the costs will be fully covered)
– high motivation and constant involvement within the consultancy activity for six months (august 2014 -january 2015)
– development of one action in the local community (with technical and financial support from Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Center) on the subject of antidiscrimination (action included in the No Hate Speech campaign initiated by the European Council)
– the participation of two people that are part of the organization, in job shadowing (visits to the organizations with expertise in volunteer management) that is going to last for two days
– support the visibility of the project and of its results
– signing a collaboration contract between the CNVC and the participant organization with specific roles and attributions

The organizations that have an interest in applying for this project must complete the online questionnaire until 27 May 2014, 11:00 p.m. The online questionnaire can be found here.
The results of the selection will be send by e-mail until 9 June 2014.

The “Volunteer management from A to Z” project is taking place from april 2014 until march 2015 and it is financed through SEE Grants 2009-2014 , by NGO Fund in Romania (www.fondong.fdsc.ro) with a total amount of 34 942 euro. Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Center’s partners within the project are Pro Vobis – Centrul National de Resurse pentru Voluntariat and IOGT Tippetue Norway.